Past Projects

Over the past 4 decades, we have had the opportunity to work with thousands of clients. All of our clients are important and are guaranteed to receive our full attention on their project, but there are a few projects around town that we were involved in that are very recognizable. The Pensacola Beach Sign was built and installed by the Lamar Advertising agency in 1960. After 40 years of salt spray and hurricanes, Plastic Arts Signs removed the old sign and fabricated and installed a completely new sign exactly like the original one. With miles of wiring, countless light bulbs, and approximately 1000’ of neon glass, this is one of the largest and most iconic projects we have ever worked on. In addition to the Pensacola Beach sign we have worked with numerous other clients, including Pen Air Federal Credit Union, the University of West Florida, Vannoy’s Tires and countless other valuable clients.

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We are currently the primary provider for all of Pen Air’s signs and electronic displays. Over the past several years we have updated nearly every location with new modern full color electronic LED displays made by Daktronics and have either refaced their existing main sign or manufactured and installed new ones. Pen Air is an important financial institute in our community and we are happy to be a small part of their success.

Originally subcontracted for installation only, we started work out at the University of West Florida approximately three years ago. We originally were hired to install all of the new wayfinding and identification signs on campus and quickly established a strong positive relationship with the university. Once the original project was complete, UWF, realizing that we were capable of much more than just installation, has continued to use our services on new additional signage projects.

We continually strive to ensure that our past, present, and future customers are happy and satisfied with the products and services that we offer. We are always happy to share our past projects and provide a long list of references of happy customers.

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